Who we are

We are a non-profit organization with the main purpose to help our community and to be a vessel for God's work. We are 501c (3) approved. God intends his loyal servants to help their fellow brothers and sisters and carry out his work for Him to secure a better place in his ranks. Our work allows us to become closer to God by helping those less fortunate.


You are our best asset, and we are constantly looking for volunteers to take part with us in our mission to help individuals by contributing to their better living standards. This is the biggest favor you can do for us, by signing up with us, we can ascertain how many people support us and it can be really helpful in terms of negotiations with authorities and to gain the interests of sponsors, benefactors, and primary decision makers.

Thank you for your continuous support for us and the community! We promise to fight hard for the betterment of the world and continue our ever-engaging efforts against extremism.


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Each penny you donate help empower us to carry out God’s work. By making a donation, you are ensuring the defeat of greed, animosity, and bitterness people hold towards the world and helping us in our worldly mission for God.